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Just came back from lunch with my best friend, his boyfriend and two other friends, and I'm sleepy as hale now despite having slept till 11:30am today. Decided to update before taking a nap though, because I'm almost sure the nap will be a long one and I'll be very lazy when I wake up again.

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I'm going for that nap now. Will reply and comment to you guys later~~ ^^

Long awaited?

No, it did not take this long for me to be less brain-dead. I promised a post since last March but to be honest, the reason why it never came around is that... there's no one even reading, now is there? As much as I talk a lot to myself, writing entries takes a bit more effort than that, so I'd like to have readers when I post something, which is not really the case right now I think...

But I've been good, if you're wondering. Much older than I was when you guys used to talk to me haha Shocking, right? Years have passed and I got older! You guys did too, I bet, don't tell me otherwise, I won't believe you. Seriously now, I say that because these years away have changed me a lot, in a lot of ways. How does that affect you guys? It doesn't! It really only affects me.

Do I still like the stuff I liked before? Yes. To the same degree? Hmmm... no, probably not. I'm not very passionate about anything right now, and I guess that's the effect of maturity in me. Also the changes in my life... I've been in and out of 'home' for the past years, definitely out now though this time nothing bad caused it. Just started in a new job that I think will last a long time this time, too. Old habits came back like writing fic and watching TV series... and that's about it.

So that's mostly what I'm going to talk about on my entries from now on. My fandoms are still the same with some additions that you'll definitely learn about soon, and if you're itching to know, yes I still ship JongKey. A lot. Never stopped, only stepped away from the fandom (and now nobody knows who I am anymore boo) Also, if you've been watching TV series such as BBC Sherlock and Elementary, we might have a blast talking about them haha

I figure if I were to do a friends cut right now, no one would stay because I believe more than a half of my f-list isn't around/active anymore. So I won't. But if you read this in your f-page, please say hi at least so I know you're around! I definitely miss all of you.

I am participating in this friending meme so that maybe I can get some more active friends in here... you should participate too ^^

c'mon, didn't you think this was going to happen someday?

After a couple days of intense pming people back and forth about stuff, I thought I should come here and say, I'm back.

Does anyone even use this anymore? I think everybody on my flist has long forgotten about LJ. Well, it does look dead.

Anyway, after some revamping, here I am to start again. If you're there, say hi ♥ Longer post will come when I'm less brain-dead.